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  • FREE: Premium 2x Lifting Straps  

  • Maximize Gains: Use on barbells, dumbbells, bumper plates, and kettlebells to maximize gains in the gym with improved grip strength

  • Premium pads: cushion wrists for heavy lifts, taking pressure of the hands and grip during deadlifts, rows, and snatches

  • Hit Your Fitness Goals Faster:easily target specific muscle groups and watch your body transform once you see how much your weak grip has been holding you back.

"...Really comfortable to workout in, I will get more of these myself!"

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There is something EXTREMELY satisfying when you hit a workout. You get that giant smile on your face and think to yourself... "I love to workout but how can I do it even better?" 

Now you can with the test package, that includes a lifting straps which is one of the most popular workout intensifier in the world! So make sure you get your package and get in shape even faster! 

How it works


You believe in a good product after trying one yourself. That's we are giving some away a free test package for you to try (we know you will love this). Apply before they are all gone!

You don't have to do anything after claiming your free test products. If you don't like it, we even offer a free return and +10% extra as a thank you for trying it out!
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reach your fitness goals faster with lifting straps and without wrist pain

Our Wild Purpose premium weight lifting straps provide neoprene padding to support your wrists and hands as you shrug, deadlift, or complete a heavy back day. Order them now and try them risk free. You’ll represent a brand that stands for something and takes no excuses. These highly durable, long “no slip” straps enhance any workout no matter the lift or routine.

Your test package includes:
  • Free 2x Premium lifting straps

  • The 6-Day Muscle Growth Program

  • Team Wild Purpose Membership

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why wild purpose test package?

test package by wild purpose

  • FREE: Premium 2x Lifting Straps + workout guide

  • Long-lasting quality

  • Premium padded cushion pads for wrists

  • Adjustable design for all wrists

other brands

  • No free lifting straps or workout guides
  • Products breaking after a while

  • Wrist hurts after use
  • Hard adjustable straps - harmful
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Is this 1 pair or 1 strap?

The free test package includes 1 pair of straps. This means you get two lifting straps in the package and you can use both at the same time for maximum gains!

How long do these last?

We say a lifetime, it's because we offer you FREE life time guarantee and this straps. This is what James had to say when he got his free traps: "I am just now replacing mine after almost 20 years. And not 20 years sitting in my drawer, 20 years of religious use and 20 years of heavy weight. The day they finally tore was traumatic!" - James

Why are we doing this?

We're giving away the Test Package as part of our mission to Support the fitness community! It is our MISSION to prove that fitness is NOT a waste of time! It is a lifestyle!

We are also celebrating our PRE-GRAND OPENING of our new shop! We are launching the greatest fitness apparel and accessories collection on this planet.... I love fitness, you love fitness, we found our wild purpose by giving back to all who love fitness sooooo!

Click the button below to check if the test package is still available! We only ordered 100 of them! So CLAIM yours while supplies last!

"I Don't Know If This Is Right For Me (Or I Can't Afford It)"

And that's exactly WHY you need to get your new test package from Wild Purpose.

If you are happy with your current shape and you think you never ever will need a pair of new leggings or accessories, you wouldn't need it. This package will show you exactly what Swedish quality feels like and we will show you how to make exercise fun again.

And if you're nervous that your test package would not be right for you?

Don't worry, I show you dozens of ways to get in shape for FREE without expensive equipment, so even if you have a very small (or no budget) - These test package and membership in Team Wild Purpose will still work for you!

All you have to do is let me know your shipping address, here on this page, and I’ll rush you a free test package to your doorstep. 

I’ve already paid for it, all I ask you to do is to cover the shipping and handling costs. 

You could go to and pay $129, but right now, I want to send you one for free when you fill out the information on this page! 

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is NO CATCH!

Can I get more than two test packages?

No, this is a limited time offer and we do only have a couple of this packages at hands. We only did order about 50 of this lifting straps. Please do share with your friends fast if they also want this offer. 

How do I become an Ambassador?

Right now you can only get the ambassador membership by claiming the "Ambassador Bundle" when selecting your test package. 

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee