If you want to tighten and tone your booty in an easy and fast way that this is an ideal workout program for you. Wildpurpose are going to present you a 20 minutes booty workout together with our Ambassador Tilda Bexell, that you can do at home only using resistance bands! You can use any resistance bands you like, in the video Tilda uses the one from Wildpurpose. Click HERE to get to them! 

If you don't have time to go to the gym och just think the gym is the most boring place ever, but you still want to get in some workouts in your life to benefit your health. This is the plan for you! Don’t think twice, start challenge yourself and start it from today. You will be surprised by the results.

These are the exercises you should follow:

 1. Bent Over Band Abduction

3x 15 reps on each leg. Keep a straight back and push as high up with your leg as you can.  I used the Light resistance band here. 


2. Step Up On Couch 3x15 reps on each leg. Push up with your right leg and let the opposite arm go up as well to keep balance. I used the Light resistance band here. 


 3. Band Lateral Shuffle 3x20 reps on each leg. Take a step to the side and squat down, go up a little bit and take another step to the opposite side.  I used the Light resistance band here. 

4. Monster Walk 3x15 reps on each leg. Squat slightly down and take one step forward, squat down before going slightly up again and take another step forward.  I used the Light resistance band here. 

5. Squat With Band 4x12 reps. Take the band above your knees and stand shoulder width apart, squat down and focus on pushing with your glutes. I used the Medium resistance band here. 

6. Hip Abduction With Band 3x15 reps on each leg. Stand shoulder width apart and place the resistance band on your ankles. Push out from your leg with your glutes and go slow back to start position again. I used the Light resistance band here. 

7. Step Behind 3x12 reps on each leg. Place your leg as far away from your start position as possible and then go back behind your standing leg go slowly back. I used the Light resistance band here. 

8. Band Laying Abduction With Bridge.
4x12 reps on each leg. Lay on your back, place the resistance band above your knees and push your knees out. Go back to the start position and place on leg in the air, push up with the leg still on the ground. I used the Heavy resistance band here. 

Get The Resistance Bands HERE
Full video:

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