How Can You Love Yourself?❤️

The 101 questions. From time to time we all can really struggle with loving ourselves, but nevertheless we are stuck with ourselves. So we might as well start to accept who we are and start loving it!💗

This might not be an easy ride, I have been in periods where I was on a path to really start hating myself and my body. But I knew we’re my mind was headed and told myself (literally stared myself in the mirror) that this ends today. I was 13 at that time and haven’t looked back since.

It wasn’t an on and off switch, but it was the start of a journey and I learned a lot about myself during that journey. So after that quick backstory haha, here are my best tips on how to love yourself!👇🏼😉

1️⃣ Look yourself in the mirror EVERY DAY and tell yourself OUTLOUD that you are STUNNING. I really don’t care if you think this is silly, it works. Convincing yourself that you look good is the first step of printing it in your brain, so later when you have done this every day and you think for a second that you don’t look good. You see yourself in the mirror again and you will automatically think that you look stunning. Because you have just learned your brain to give yourself compliments every time you see yourself in the mirror, YES👊🏼

2️⃣ Stop being mad at everyone else. A very common thing when we don’t love ourselves is to hate on everyone else. No matter what other people do, they are just incredible annoying or just constantly pushing your nerves. But this is not a problem that is coming from them (usually) it’s from you. If you don’t love yourself you can very easily find yourself in a pattern where you are mad at everyone else because they are doing things that you want to do, or look like you want to or just are comfortable in a way that you think you never can be. Stop that right now and challenge your anger into bettering yourself. Why are you mad at this person and why does him/her trigger you, is it because this person really is annoying or because this person has something you want?🤷🏼‍♀️

3️⃣ My last tip is 3 fast ones😉 Calm down, only say things you mean and learn that you don’t have to have everyone’s attention 24/7. Stay with me on this one. First, calm down meaning that you just need to take a step back more times than you do. This really helps with thinking an extra time of what you’re doing and why you can catch yourself thinking bad thought before it has gone too far for an example. Second, only saying things that you mean. Sometimes when we’re insecure we tend to say lots of random things and then feel bad and think like “Why the hell did I say that???!”. This, of course, can happen anyway and sometimes you can just laugh it off, but if you feel anxiety it’s usually because you said something that you didn’t quite mean, and it can in the long run really hurt your confidence in yourself. Lastly, learn that you don’t need attention 24/7. This is not ping to everyone who loves attention, girl you do you!! This is for the people who think that if they lose attention for one second they will be forgotten and people will stop caring for them. Very common when you don’t really love yourself and you can’t imagine anyone else doing it either.

Babes you are the best, you are unique and you should respect and love yourself!!! Never ever forget that you deserved the best!💗💗💗

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