10 Things To Eat When Sick

This past week I have been sick but I quickly recovered, mostly because of what I ate during this time. So, why not share it! 

1. Hot Tea

Most important things first right... 😉. Tea has been my one true love during this cold. I have been drinking tea with caffeine as well to get my energy levels up. But overall hot tea helps to much with clearing the sinuses of mucus. It's also a great way to stay hydrated during the days!

2. Fruits & Berries

This cold I have been eating lots of fruit bowls, filled with fruits and berries that I love! During all colds, I have a very hard time eating, who feels like eating when you feel like crap right? 😜 But making fruit bowls has really helped with that! I'm just putting all fruits & berries that I like in a bowl, and it's time to eat!!

3. Fish Soup

One of my absolute favorite meals is fish soup. I can eat it every single day without any issues and when I'm sick it's my go-to meal. It's super easy to do and here in Sweden, we have lots of pre-made soups ready to eat which you also can get. Fish soups contain lots of protein from both fish and scrimp, also fat from the fish and from the cream, as well as carbs. A great meal to get when you want lots of nutrition.

4. Honey

Another fave when you have a sore throat. Honey is cough-soothing, antibacterial and when you add some hot water too it, also a hydrating drink.

5. Bread

Bread might not be known as your go-to healthy meal, but I think it is for two reasons. 1 - it's super easy to eat when you don't feel good and have a sore throat. 2 - it contains protein, fiber, carbs, calcium, and lots of other amazing stuff that no one should be afraid of! 

6. Ginger

Ginger is very effective at relieving nausea. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. I try to use it in my tea together with my honey to get all the benefits in one cup. I also love how ginger has that burning after effect, when you're sick it feels like the ginger is taking away all the bacterias!

7. Ice Cream

Ice cream is both delicious and soothing for your sore throat, It also provides calories that you otherwise might not have eaten. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? 😍 

8. Yogurt/ Greek Yogurt/ Quark

Depending on what you have in your country, yogurt/greek yogurt or quark are amazing nutritious food that not only soothes your throat but is also very good for your body. Quark especially contains lots of protein and when you add some fruits or granola to it you have a perfectly healthy meal! 

9. Avocados 

A favorite when you're healthy as well, but especially when you're sick since you can get in lots of nutrition from the avocado. It's not only delicious to put on your sandwich, but it's also full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that can decrease inflammation and stimulate the immune system.

10. Caffeine

It's not really a miracle cure, but drinking some caffeine can really make you feel a whole lot better when you're sick. It's is dehydrating for your body, so drink lots of water if you plan on drinking caffeine. But if you have a long day and you really can't stay home to beat the cold, drinking caffeine really helps for the short run, just to make it through the day. Don't be crazy tho, stay home and beat the cold and get well!!

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