About us

Wild Purpose is a new active clothing brand based in Sweden that makes environmentally friendly products with responsible manufacturing processes in mind. Founded by Karl and Tilda, they have developed several pieces with regard to the future of our planet. While the company is still young, they have a strong reputation for quality, care, and sustainability.


For Karl and Tilda, creating a clothing line that was sustainable, sporty, eco-friendly, and ethical became their passion. This is where European fashion meets fitness and makes everything from the everyday active lifestyle to today's modern trends. Wild Purpose offers more unique and revolutionary fitness lifestyle apparel with your progression of living a healthy lifestyle. 


We exist to create the tools needed to help people unlock their full, incredible potential and make their dream reality. They want you to be a specific type of person with a particular set of skills. They don't want you to show them any other skills that you may have. They don't want to know about your passions and dreams.


Together will our community of athletes, artists, and pioneers stretch all across the globe. We are a family of like-minded individuals helping each other to overcome all possible obstacles.


Be wild and take the step to follow your passion. Follow Your Purpose.