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Are you looking to grow stronger and grow some muscles on your legs & glutes?
This guide has been written by @tildabexell and is based on personal experience on great exercises to grow legs & glutes. The guide is recommended to be used with Wild Purpose resistance bands but can be used without. A 4-week program designed around a leg & glute split. 
What to expect: 
- PDF workout guide: 4-week plan 
- 45-60 Minute Training Session
- 3 Leg & Glute Workouts & 4 Rest Days Per Week
- Explained: Benefits of using Resistance Bands
- Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate 
Equipment Suggested: Short Resistance Band & Gym
You don’t have to follow this guide to a tee. It is a guide remember! This means it’s here to help you, inspire you and motivate you. It’s your stress-free route to help with growing muscles!

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