Hi, My Queens!

Lately, I've been doing a new glute routine that is an absolute BOMB. I've just been doing this routine for 2 weeks but already my booty is SO pumped and awesome, so I just really need to share this with you guys! 

For many years, I've been training my glutes 2 times a week. Which was a big game-changer when I started out. But last month I started feeling very unmotivated to workout. Usually this feeling pasts for me after max 2 days. But this feeling lasted and I knew I needed to make something different with my training.

So I started looking at what I thought was the best muscle group to train at the gym, and for me it was obvious. Glutes

My goal for a long time has also been to grow bigger glutes, so that's why I think that I like to workout glutes the most! But I also wanted to search more about how can I actually build glutes and how it really works. 

What I found was that the combination with exercises called pumpers, stretchers and activators is the key to build stronger and bigger glutes! So before I get into anything else, here's my workout program right now:


In part 2 I will explain more about why I workout this way and why it works so good for me! Transformation pics are also promised ;)

What's your best way to workout glutes?

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