3 Tips On How To Plan Your Diet!

By Tilda

Remember, if you have any history of an eating disorder or are in the need of professional help with your diet. It's important that you take help and make sure you get a customized diet plan just for you before you start working out or planning your diet by yourself.

With the internet, we have information everywhere on what to eat and on what not to. Some information is good, but some not to.

It can be very confusing on what you can eat even for me! Many days I just feel that I can't eat anything because that's bad, or that contains poison etc, etc. But learning how to find good sources of food really helps with planning your diet and staying healthy. 

So I made it simple for you. 3 tips on how to plan your diet!


The absolute first tip that I personally have is to make sure you eat enough protein. I always eat at least 2g of protein per kilogram to gain muscles. But the minimum of protein per day is 0.8g per kilogram to give your body the minimum of what it needs! (1)


To have a healthy diet and also diet that makes you grow muscles, you need to have protein, carbs and fats.

Good sources of protein are meat, fish, soy protein (like soy forcemeat or any other food with soy protein in is very good) and pea protein. These are food choices that contain a lot of protein and in some cases mainly only protein. I know many recommend beans, which isn't bad, but beans usually contain more carbs than protein. So I personally want to recommend food with lots of protein in because that's what I search for the most. You can eat beans as well of course.

Good fats that I recommend to get your fat source from is:

avocado, nuts, eggs, fish (like salmon), extra virgin olive oil and more (2).

And lastly, good sources of carbohydrate are:

Potatoes and sweet potatoes, oats, rice, quinoa, vegetables, and fruits (3).


A general recommendation is to always check in the back of every product you buy to see what it contains. Not only can it contain very weird ingredients, but more than often products contain a lot of fats and usually not very good fats.

To be able to eat healthy and most importantly, real food, you need to check the label and make sure you're eating what you came for. Like if you want to buy fish, make sure the percent of fish isn't 10% and the rest is potatoes or something else they usually add to fill up. Make sure you eat food. 

How do you structure your diet? Let us know in the comments!


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