I Thought I'd Never Do This...

Revealing My True Body

Tilda Bexell, Co-founder and owner of Wild Purpose. 21 years old. Been working out since 16 years old.

Here's My Story:

For those of you who don't know what this is all about, I will tell you a story... Because you might not know the whole thing.

It's a story about feeling the best exactly where you are in your journey.

A lot of knowledge has really taken me further every year with my training.
Every year it feels like I'm starting over at zero since you learn so much about training.

It feels like you lean a new thing about your body every single day.

It's just like when you look back at the time you were younger and think,
"if I only knew then what I know now."

5 Years Of Experience But...

Even though I've been working out at the gym for 5 years now, I feel like my biggest transformation has been the latest year.

That can feel a bit disturbing, like where could I have been today if I did this the whole time I was working out...

But, I wouldn't be anywhere if I never

But For You, I Would Like To...

...make a shortcut. Even though nothing but experience can make you learn about what works for your body.

Making the time to workout and know what to do is what actually takes you to the gym and learning about your body.

So Did I Make The Build & Burn Guide To Make Money?

No. I made it to help people just like myself.

The Build & Burn Guide is based on how I workout when I only have my bands available.

Which happens a lot for example when the gym closes early, when I'm on vacation or when I try out a new gym and I don't know what to expect when I'm there. Whatever the occasion, I can always be sure that I will have a great workout when I have my bands with me.

and I KNOW it will be a real challenge for you. Nothing but the best for you.

Is It Any Good?

To be honest with you... Even though Resistance Bands are amazing, it's not the only thing I've used to make my transformation.

As I said in the begging If I only knew then what I know now...

Resistance Bands would have been amazing when I started off, and since we got the first sample home with our new Resistance Bands. I have been using them almost every workout.

My biggest transformation has happened the latest year since I started using Resistance Bands but also since I started going all in with progressive overload. Every 4th week I try to do a new PR in every muscle group.

I also challenge my body much more and never make it use to my workouts. I always use my bands when I want to chock my body and make it burn extra!

Why This?

I made the Guide to help you get a structure that I definitely needed and still need when I workout! Having a program to follow is like the foundation of any motivation factor to workout.

That’s why I still make training programs and this Guide for you to always keep improving.

So Thank You For Reading This Blog Post With Tilda!

For all my friends, followers and customers, and for those of you just getting to know me and Wild Purpose, Thank you for taking the time to read about my story! 

I'll see you next time!

Tilda Bexell

Move With Purpose

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