How do I get rid of my sugar cravings?

Do you want to get rid of your sugar cravings?

Not everyone wants to, but personally, it can be a big issue having daily sugar cravings since it usually ends up with me eating sweets instead of real food. Not very healthy in the long run! So! I wrote down my personal best tips on how to avoid sugar cravings that have worked so well for me.

1. Look over your eating habits.🥦🥝
When you get hungry, I at least crave a chocolate bar way more than I crave a banana. Which is why making sure you eat nutritious food before eating any sweets are so important!

2. Drink Water🥛
If food isn’t the reason, often water is for me. So if I still feel a big sugar crave after a meal, water usually takes it away.

3. Take a gum or brush your teeth. 🦷
It can seem a bit strange but the mint taste really takes away ALL cravings for something sweet. It also makes your teeth clean and food usually taste a bit bad just after brushing your teeth, which usually makes me avoid eating for a while!

I hope you really enjoyed these tips and if you did, please save it and leave a like!! comment your best tip on how to get rid of a sugar craving down below!


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