How Often Should You Do Cardio And Abs?

Very often the question about how often you should do cardio and abs circle around. Today I will share my tips on how I train cardio and abs!


For a while, I've tried out doing 10 minutes of intervals after every workout I had. Since always I've hated cardio, it just isn't fun. But I really felt like I needed to work on cardio as well and not just skip it. Mainly to train the heart more and be healthier.

So instead of doing hours of cardio every day, I did 10 minutes of effective interval training and it worked amazing!

I got better every week and I most importantly I felt SO good. The interval I'm doing is:

12 sets, 20sec work and 10sec rest. Takes about 7-10 minutes to perform. I do it on the Stairmaster, but it works fine wherever. 


Isn't abs just the same as cardio? I mean the feeling is just the same. We all know we need to do it, but we just never feel like doing it haha.

So what I did to solve it was the same way as I did with cardio. A little bit on every workout. 

I start all my workouts with a short ab session. Right now I'm doing a workout that takes about 5 minutes to perform and it's KILLING my abs.

Short and effective is really the recipe for muscle groups you really don't feel like doing. 

The workout I'm doing is:

  • Medicine Ball Crunch
  • Sit-ups With Medicine Ball Between Legs
  • Bicycle With Weave
  • V-up With Med-Ball Pass

I perform all exercises for 20sec each without pause between the exercises, and I do it 3 times if you can do 4. After you have done all 4 exercises, rest about 1 minute before starting the circuit again. If you like to see a video where I do this circuit you can find it HERE.

How do you train cardio and abs?



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