Recipe for protein-rich and sugar-free granola!


2.5 dl Oatmeal

2.5 dl corn kernels

1 cup chocolate whey

1 dl water

1 tbsp Stevia

Half a package of mulberries

How to:

Mix all ingredients and put them on a plate. Turn on the oven to 150 degrees of warm air. The granola should be inside for a total of 20 minutes but needs to be stirred at least twice during this time to get crispy everywhere. I put the mulberries in the last 2 minutes so they would just be a little toasted. Then it's done!

Of course, you can mix and try with these recipes as much as you like, but this was a good basis to start. Add different fruits or pumpkin kernels maybe for even better taste! All possibilities are available. Hope you liked the recipe and will try it for yourself!

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