How To Sleep Better!

Sleep can be so hard, but it's also so important for muscle gain and fat loss. So here's my best tips on how to sleep better!

Eat before you fall asleep.

I know this goes against every stupid idea that you gain weight if you eat before you sleep. Personally, I don't believe it at all. When I eat about 30min - 1 hour before I fall asleep, I sleep much better at night and I'm not hungry during the night nor feel bad when I wake up.

I am a person who gets very nauseous when I get too hungry, which is a feeling I'd like to avoid. So when I eat in the evening and I can go straight to the gym and work out in the morning!

When we sleep, we go into a "starvation" as it's called. After about 6 hours, I think that's when the body starts to break down your stock of fuel to get energy which can make you incredibly hungry when you wake up. However, if you eat before you sleep, it takes longer for the body to get into this mood. Which makes me feel much better when I wake up and also makes the body have good energy to recover with during the night.

Turn on the "bedtime" app.

I really like this app that is available on the iPhone, if you don't have it then there is surely another app on android. What you can set is that it tells you when to go to bed. So I usually say that I want to sleep for 8.30 hours because I think it takes about 30 minutes to fall asleep so I add that time.

Then I usually want it to warn me about 30 minutes before going to sleep, so I have time to brush my teeth and remove the makeup, even eating food if I haven't already.

Think the app really is a super good tool for getting the right time to bed and to help you keep track so you sleep enough hours!

Be calm and think positive.

A good tip for being able to fall asleep quickly as my boyfriend has taught me is to first think only positive thoughts. Think about what you accomplished during the day, what you are happy with today, what you are grateful for and what you have done well.

When you figure this out and feel satisfied, you always end the day in a positive way, which I think prevents nightmares and makes you sleep calmer!

After that, just think about your breathing. Don't start drifting away in your thoughts but think about your breathing or how your body relaxes, thinking that your face relaxes is also really soothing. In this way, you fall asleep faster and get a little longer sleep!

Also, have alarms on weekends.

I don't know how it is for you, but my body gets used by waking up with alarms, so in the weekend it's like the brain is waiting for something to wake me up and I can sleep how damn long anytime and just wait on something that wakes me up.

Then I always wake up super tired even though I can sleep easily 12-13 hours. I usually just lie half-awake 3-4 hours of that time waiting for the alarm that will not go on haha.

So my recommendation is that you have alarms even on the weekend, but of course, you can adjust the time so you don't have to get up at 6 in the morning. But following the same routine works very well for me anyway!

Hope you felt the tips helpful!


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